Marijuana Confirmed As Gateway Drug To More Marijuana

DENVER, CO—Researchers in Denver have confirmed that marijuana is a gateway drug to more marijuana. After noticing interesting patterns in their friends’ behavior, Dr. Allen Rutherford and his PhD student, Jacob Hart, conducted extensive research, leading to a conclusion they did not expect: many people who experiment with pot continue to use it for recreational purposes.

“This really wasn’t what we were expecting,” said Rutherford Friday. “We knew that use of marijuana often led to addictions to substances such as crystal meth and heroin, but we never suspected that it could lead to continued use.” Hart was even more enthusiastic. “When we noticed that a few of our colleagues smoked weed, and then kept smoking weed, we knew there was something going on,” he reported. “It’s truly been a fantastic experience working with Dr. Rutherford on this groundbreaking material.”

Over the course of nine weeks, the pair ingested over nine pounds of marijuana in four different forms as part of their experiment. “We noticed that once we began using, we had the urge to use more.”

Their work will be summed up in their book, Heaven’s Gates, this coming September.


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