New Jersey Man Skateboards Across Antarctica

HOBOKEN, NJ—Chad Backwardcap’s journey across Antarctica on a skateboard made history last week. It wasn’t since 1797 that this was achieved, and the last man to do it was George Washington, following his resignation from office. Despite common belief, Washington resigned because he needed a vacation, and besides, his friend bet him two hundred bucks that he couldn’t skateboard across the frozen continent.

“It was truly an experience,” Backwardcap told us upon his return. “It was simply enlightening to see what it was like to make it across the frozen South wearing a pair of custom waterproof vans and skinny jeans.”

This is not Backwardcap’s first adventure. In 2012, he rode a chihuahua to the top of K2, the second tallest peak in the world. Some of his minor achievements include cross country skiing across the Sahara, and eating thirty-two hot dogs in one sitting.

“We’re so proud of our little boy,” Backwardcap’s parents proudly exclaimed. In an interview on Sunday, they told us that “Ever since Chad was a kid, he always loved adventures. He never missed out on anything his friends were up to.”

In April, Backwardcap will bring his talents to the Amazon forest to go on an Easter egg hunt.

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